Mohamed Amara

Software engineer, tech enthusiast, always curious to know how things around me work, I'm currently focusing on cross-platform app development using Flutter framework.


Where to find me

Skills & Qualifications

Tech stack

Dart, Flutter
Git, Github
SQLite, Realm, Firebase
Html, Css, Javascript, React (prior experience)
NodeJS, Express (prior experience)
MySQL, MongoDB (prior experience)
Java, Native android development (prior experience)

Work History


09/2021 - Present

  • I developed a cross-platform app called QCMed (Android, iOS, Windows) using Flutter to help students prepare for medical exams.
    ⚠️ The app is exclusively accessible on Google Play and the App Store within Algeria.
    App links - Demo video
  • I built a mobile app called 3 Minute Club using Flutter, designed for static apnea training, perfect for free divers and breath-hold enthusiasts.
    Demo video

09/2020 - 09/2021

  • I created a mobile app using Flutter that integrates with an ERP system to facilitate the submission of various HR requests (vacation, sick leaves, etc...).
  • I made a Full Stack app using Flutter and Node.js (REST API), designed for medical clinics to view upcoming appointments and see patients health profiles.


Master's degree in computer science

πŸ›οΈ University Badji mokhtar Annaba

πŸ“… 2016 - 2018

Final project title : Iot based secure water volumes and capacities monitoring connected to Fiware smart cites platform.
Bachelor's degree in computer science

πŸ›οΈ University Badji mokhtar Annaba

πŸ“… 2013 - 2016

Side Projects

Book app

This app contains a huge library of free and public domain books ready to be explored by users with a delightful UI/UX, this full stack project is built using Flutter for the mobile app and Node.js for the backend.
Demo video - Mobile app code - Backend code

Payment card animations

Stunning and engaging payment card animations crafted with Flutter, suitable for integration into any application featuring a payment workflow. Enhancements could include implementing automatic card detection upon entry of the card number by the user.
Live demo - Source code - Video

Todo List App

Full stack web application built with React and Node.js, enables users to monitor their daily tasks, app's data syncs instantly across devices with the help of WebSocket (Socket.IO), Additionally, being a Progressive Web App (PWA), users have the option to install it like a native app.
⚠️ You might experience a delay upon initially accessing the live demo, as I've opted for a free hosting service for this side project.
Live demo - Frontend code - Backend code

Gas detector

An IoT project Utilizing NodeMCU, Firebase and Flutter that helps with the detection of gas leaks and promptly alert users via a mobile application in real-time.
Demo video - Mobile app code - Microcontroller code

Flutter UI challenge

The Flutter UI Challenge aims to select UI designs from platforms such as Behance, Dribbble, Uplabs, or existing applications, and endeavor to recreate them using Flutter, disregarding the actual functionality of the app. Below are the screenshots and source codes of these projects :
Daily quote - Chat app - Login screen - Facebook messenger


I won with this mobile app in the competition for the best project idea organized by ANSEJ and University Badji Mokhtar Annaba in December 2017. The app was built using native Android SDK and Firebase GeoFire and it is designed to improve the process of transporting goods for users.


I created this desktop application using Java Swing for a well-known cake design shop in my city named EspΓ©rance Cake Design. The app streamlined their order management process and enabled seamless printing of receipts using a thermal printer.